Welcome To Our Site

Welcome To Our Site

Reinsurance at its best  
We build Business partneships

We build Business partneships

  TAN-RE strives towards building business partnerships with stakeholders in the industry  
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Welcome to Tan - Re

Tanzania Reinsurance Company Ltd(TAN-RE) is a reinsurance company providing a broad range of reinsurance products and services to clients in Africa,Middle East and Asia.


To be among the best Re-insurers in Africa.


To provide sustainable reinsurance capacity and security in the best interest of our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders

Credit Rating

TAN -RE has a credit rating of A+ (Single A Plus) for Domestic currency claims paying ability, and B+ (Single B Plus) for International currency.

Our Quality Policy


TAN-RE is committed to its vision of becoming among the “Best Reinsurers in Africa through provision of sustainable reinsurance capacity and security in the best interest of its customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.



Our Values

TAN-RE is guided by commitment to the following values:

          Core Functions


  • Commercial reinsurance business

  • Inward reinsurance business

  • Training of personnel

  • Technical reinsurance assistance

  • Investment of funds

  • Relationship with other re-insurers

  • Control of statistics

Major Lines of Business




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Tanzania Reinsurance Company(TAN-RE) is a reinsurance company providing a broad range of reinsurance products and services to clients in Africa and selected parts of Middle East and Asia.

Contact Us

  • 8th Floor  TAN-RE House, Longido Street,Plot No. 406 near PCCB HQ Upanga Dar es salaam
  • +255 22 2922341-3 / +255 757 211 000
  • +255 22 2922344
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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