Board of Directors

The TAN-RE Board is chaired by an independent non-executive director ,Mr. Wilson Ndesanjo, and other non-executive Directors. The majority of the members of the Board have vast experience in insurance business that is applied in the overall Management of the company.

The Board has three sub-committees (Audit & Risk Committee, Finance & Investments Committee and Human Resources & Remunerations Committee), whose chairperson report to the Board of Directors.

Audit & Risk Committee
The Audit & Risk Committee meets on a quarterly basis. The responsibilities of this committee are the review of financial information and monitoring of the effectiveness of Management information and internal control systems. In addition, the committee has a responsibility to deliberate on the significant findings arising from internal and external audit reviews and from inspections by the Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA).

Finance & Investments Committee
The Finance & Investments Committee meets on a quarterly basis. The responsibilities of this committee are the review of the Company’s investment policies to ensure that all investments are being performed in conformity with approved investment policies and in line with the requirement of insurance regulation as issued under the Insurance Act, 2009.

Human Resources and Remunerations Committee
The Human Resources and Remunerations Committee was set up by the Board in year 2011 to periodically address matters related to staffing and remunerations of Company employees and Directors. The Committee meets semi annually.

Below is the current TAN-RE Board of Directors.


Board of Directors

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Tanzania Reinsurance Company(TAN-RE) is a reinsurance company providing a broad range of reinsurance products and services to clients in Africa and selected parts of Middle East and Asia.

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